Schools, Camps, and Daycare Screenings

Tiny Locks™ offers special services and resources for schools and camps.

We are able to provide on-site Lice Screenings, Lice Removal Services, and Educational Presentations.

Lice Screenings

Our Tiny Locks™ team of trained clinicians are available to come to your school for a thorough head check screening. For a complete assessment it is suggested that the entire student body be included; however it can involve as little as one classroom or grade level.

  • Screenings are available in our local service area.
  • There is no charge for a head check if treatment is needed and removal services are provided by Tiny Locks.
  • Lice head check programs routinely scheduled throughout the school year are available.
  • Single (emergency) lice head checks are available as requested.
  • We recommend screening at the beginning of the school year and after winter vacation or long breaks.
  • Our trained clinicians are courteous, quick, and experienced in working with children.
  • A 1-week advance notice is requested to ensure staffing and scheduling requirements.
  • Payment is due at time of service unless previous arrangements have been made.

Educational Presentations

We educate parents, students, and staff on how to prevent, detect, and eradicate head lice.

To contact us about setting up a program to meet the needs of your school or for further information call us in Los Angeles: (310) 362-0577, in Orange County: (949) 207-3433, toll-free: (800) 531-3838 or email