"We had a great experience with Tiny Locks. They are totally worth it. It was grueling work getting the kids' heads lice free and the lady was so patient, relaxed and friendly. My daughter is very sensitive and hates having her curly hair combed because "it hurts" but she put up with the service really well even though it took a while. My son's hair took a lot less time. Its very nice having someone who is both confident and totally calm during this ordeal. It is also nice having them come to our house, our kids watched a movie."

- Camilla P., Pacific Palisades, CA. Yelp review 5/25/2011

"Hi guys - You have a great service. Thanks to you, Violet is now lice free!"

- Mark S., Ladera Ranch, CA.

"Finding out my boys had lice was a nightmare. I thought this was something that happened to OTHER people. I had to miss work and instantly Googled everything about lice. I spent 2 1/2 hours doing a very thorough job of nit picking their hair... or so I thought. The next day I found out I had it too so I had no choice but to call Tiny Locks. I couldn't believe how many nits they found in my son's hair! I could've sworn I'd gotten every one of them. I was SO relieved that Tiny Locks could take care of this for me. It would've cost me much more in the long run if I had to stay home from work with the kids and who knows for how long? My only regret is that I didn't call them sooner."

- Christy B., Newport Beach, CA.

"The Tiny Locks service that we received couldn't have been better. I normally hate to throw money at a problem but after using Rid and still having it, I was beyond frustrated! I found this service online and could not have been happier with the results. They made it look so easy. I didn't even know about these services. Definitely worth it."

- Monica S., Coto De Caza, CA.

"My daughter was sent home from school because the nurse called and said she had lice. I freaked out and immediately my own head started itching! I found this service online -- they were a godsend!! They came to my house within hours after I called them, and checked all of our hair for lice, sure enough my son & I also had it. The technician, her name was Tina, was so great with my kids and totally knew what she was doing. I am soooo glad this service exists and this company was stellar. I would highly recommend Tina and TinyLocks to anyone who experiences head lice. I was so stressed out and she totally calmed me down, she was very professional and skilled. Another woman came back after a couple of days to check us again, as part of their "process" and we were all 100% clear of lice and eggs. She too was excellent....I think her name was Sherri. Thank you TinyLocks!! Happy customer, happy mom :-)"

- Lynn W., Newport Beach, CA. Yelp Review 10/23/2011

"The Tiny Locks lady showed up to our house super quick - I was impressed! I was also pleasantly surprised at how relaxing the whole process was. Thank you for giving me peace of mind, I appreciate it."

- Trista P., Aliso Viejo

"To be honest, I didn't know what to expect but it was a really lovely process and ended up being a very positive experience. I would highly recommend your services to any of my friends. You are a Godsend. Thank you again,"

- Ellen G., Laguna Beach, CA.

"Ann, I just wanted to take a second and let you know how extremely happy we were with Diana and the whole service in general. She was very prompt, extremely attentive to the children and very helpful when I asked a million questions of her. We have been combing out every day as the aftercare instructions state and I haven't seen any more issues."

- M.B., Irvine, CA.

"Dear Ann, I must truly thank you for your kindness on the phone when talking to me today. You sounded like the sweetest person ever. Krystal was a pure joy and very professional and extremely knowledgeable. We were so blessed to find out we had NO LICE. We are praising God in the L household tonight. Krystal was very thorough and sweet. Thank you for being so prompt and having her come on the same day we called. Our house will sleep well tonight. Thank you for your company and all you do for the community. We are truly grateful."

- T.L., Aliso Viejo., CA.

"Tiny Locks is incredible! They took all the worry out of our lice "situation." They were caring, professional, and made it all, surprisingly, easy. Can't recommend them enough."

- Scott L., Los Angeles, CA. Yelp Review 4/11/2012

"I am so impressed with Tiny Locks. I try to maintain a non-toxic home so I was so happy to find them. They put all my fears at ease and took care of my family with care, respect and professionalism. Bye bye lice! I highly recommend them."

- Sarah E., Los Angeles, CA. Yelp Review 4/11/2012

"They have a lovely operation. Thank you to Kelly and her team of lice fairies for coming to our home and helping us!"

- Grace S., Plano, TX.

"We couldn't be happier with our treatment. Our clinician showed up on time, was friendly and knowledgeable offering lots of tips and advice. We had been so stressed dealing with lice for three days on our own, having a professional out finally let us feel like we could breathe. After going through three over the counter treatments we were amazed at how many nits were still left behind. This service was worth every penny. Our only regret was that we hadn't called them before wasting our time and money on the products we purchased from the pharmacy."

- Jason B., McKinney, TX. Yelp Review 1/10/2013

"We called Tiny Locks in a panic today after discovering my son had 'nits' and they sent someone within an hour. The clinician, Alysa, was very punctual, friendly, polite and professional. She was also great with my somewhat fidgety kids! She checked all my family and It turned out that my daughter and I also had them :( She treated us all on the spot at home. It was a fairly timely procedure - she was here for about 3 hours - but she was extremely meticulous and I am pretty confident that she has zapped them all. She was very knowledgeable, able to advise us in great depth, and left us with check lists to refer to during the week of after-care treatment.Very impressed."

- Helen F., Los Angeles, CA. Yelp Review 2/2/2013

"If you want fast, courteous, convenient, educational, and confidential service for what feels like an the most embarrassing issue that could ever happen to your family, then call Tiny Locks. They are wonderful! First, they treat you with kindness and let you know it happens to lots of very, very clean, careful and orderly people. They work around your schedule and put you at ease. They arrive quickly and get right to work. The entire time they educate you on how to get rid of it, answering all sorts of silly questions, and they never judge. They repeat the information many times so that you really understand what you need to do when they are not around. They give all kinds of advice and prevention techniques. They really care! More importantly, they really want you to never get it again and help you any way they can. That is how you know they are an outstanding service, because they are not trying to drum up repeat business by coming back time and time again. Because of this, I felt compelled to write this review to give back to them by word of mouth. If you really want to get rid of this type of problem, call this company. You will not be sorry. I must also say that having Marcella come to our home for this issue was also the best part. She was so friendly and fun that it made the process so much easier for us to digest. We almost hated to have her leave as we enjoyed her company so much. She was full of energy, information, and dedication."

- J.S., San Clemente, CA. Yelp Review 2/18/2013

"Nallely was fantastic both times she came out to treat myself, my husband and my two kids. She was professional, efficient, and had very good rapport with the kids. I would definitely turn to Tiny Locks if I had lice I couldn't get rid of. The peace of mind is worth every penny. Thanks Nallely, for making a frustrating experience so much better!"

- Nicole H., Long Beach, CA. Yelp Review 3/12/2013

"Very impressed with Nallely who came out two times She was helpful and caring during a most stressful time. Many thanks!"

- Annemarie S., Orange, CA. Yelp Review 3/12/2013

"Tiny Locks saved me! I had tried everything to get rid of the lice that my daughter got, and it wasn't working. I should have called Tiny Locks first! They were very professional and answered all of my questions over the phone. The technician they sent, Brenda, was so nice and friendly and immediately put my daughter and me at ease. The process was fairly quick and, most important, got rid of the lice. Thank you Brenda and Tiny Locks!"

- Robin R., Laguna Niguel, CA. Yelp review 3/14/2013

"When I called, Tiny Locks provided a ton of useful, calming information, and I was able to make an appointment for the same day. The technician, Tina, arrived on-time, and was very helpful, thorough and professional, Well worth the money to have it done at home (and everyone in the house can get checked).."

- Barbara L., Tustin, CA. Yelp review 3/21/2013

"This service was fantastic. They came to our home after work hours so that my husband didn't have to leave work to get checked. Meagan was very professional, deloused my kids, and was so sweet. She and Kelly are angels. I would use them again (although I hope to never have too)!"

- Ella M., Dallas, TX.

"When our nanny found lice on my 18 month-old and 4 year-old's heads, I panicked. I called Tiny Locks, who were friendly and helpful. They sent someone over immediately. Alicia Riggs was so calm, that my terrified, screaming 18 month-old started smiling and let Alicia pull the comb through her hair. My 4 year-old couldn't stop talking to her. She also helped my wife and I feel like we were not doomed to a lifetime of head parasites on our children. Her instructions for how to clean the house were great and very clear, and one week later, on our follow-up visit... we are lice-free. My wife has already pre-recommended her to all of our friends with small children."

- Jack O., Los Angeles, CA. Yelp review 4/8/2013

"I have to pile on with the 5 star reviews. Alicia R showed up at my house last night and was kind, gentle and profesional. Luckily it was a false alarm and we did not have an infestation but my guess is if we had she would have dispatched the critters in a pleasant and efficient fashion! Let's hope we never need their serviices again but if we do we will be calling them. ALso Ann who handled the phone was pleasant and informative and efficient. Crazy to be so 'YAY' about something like lice removal but it is alsways nice when you can make the best of a bad thing."

- Melanie G., Santa Monica, CA. Yelp review 4/17/2013

"After trying over the counter solutions without success we called and used Tiny Locks. Awesome! Well worth the money. I would recommend their service to everyone. The young woman (Nallely) that came to our house was very pleasant, extremely knowledgeable and provided great service."

- Ron I., Long Beach, CA. Yelp review 5/5/2013

"My daughter was sent home from our private school because the nurse found lice/nits in her hair. We were so stressed out and the OTC lice treatment didn't get the nits out at all. She was going to have to miss over a week of school if we didn't call Tiny Locks! Safe products, friendly and informative clinician and excellent customer service. Emailed at 11pm when I was desperate and within minutes got a reply and set up an appointment first thing in the morning. It was definitely worth the extra cost and got the whole family checked and we are good!! You can't put a price on peace of mind! Happy they have preventative products that are natural so this won't be happening again!"

- Rachel S. Plano, TX Yelp review 5/19/2013

"One of the best services I have called and completely worth the cost. My daughter had gotten lice from her school and we didnt realize how bad it got and there was just no way I could do it myself. The Rid and other products we used did nothing for us and I spent at least $50 alone on that and was so upset because she still had so many nits in her hair. The minute I saw the service Tiny locks provided, I was very excited! Our lice technician was wonderful, extremely sweet and gave us so much information and helped us so much with everything! I'm so glad I called Tiny Locks and have them take care of me and my entire family, definitely worth the cost and couldnt be happier!"

- L.K, Plano, TX. Yelp review 5/20/2013

"Tiny Locks really saved me yesterday. My daughter had lice and we thought we got it all with a new persrciption on the market. She was sent home a second day from school and then my son had it too! I have always been hesitant to hire someone to come to my house (thinking that I could easily do this myself) but with thick heads of hair like my kids, Tiny Locks was well worth it. Nallely was professional and effecient! I would definitely recommend her and Tiny Locks to anyone with a lice problem!"

- Allison E., Irvine, CA. Yelp review 2/07/2014

"Once again Tiny Locks comes to the rescue. We discovered that our 10 year old had lice last night. Called Tiny Locks and set up an appointment for first thing this morning, Nallely came in and started to check the family. She then set about quickly and efficiently to comb through the boys hair. 2 hours later, the boys were lice free. We have used this service before and highly recommend it. Our boys sit down and handle the combing so much better than when we tried to do it. Highly recommend this natural option over the chemical pesticides, which incidentally did not work for us. Thanks again!"

- Anthony R., Laguna Niguel, CA. Yelp review 2/06/2014

"Nallely was wonderful. Very patient and attentive to our needs. She put my daughter at ease as well as me, her mom. A headache to go through something like this but great to have an awesome service available to take care of it quickly."

- P.R., Yorba Linda, CA. Yelp review 3/13/2014

"Our experience with Tiny Locks was incredible. I was able to obtain an appointment time within 2 hours of calling...even on a Friday afternoon! Chloe was awesome in dealing with my daughter (who has very long, thick hair). She successfully removed the case of lice in one treatment and I loved her calm approach with my daughter. She also answered my questions so patiently and inspected the rest of the household. We had Chloe follow-up a week later and my daughter is still lice-free. It was our first time dealing with lice, and I honestly don't know how I would've gotten through it without Chloe's help! The products she used were pesticide-free, yet totally effective. Tiny Locks services were truly worth every penny! Thanks Chloe!"

- Jennifer Z., Fullerton, CA. Yelp review 5/6/2014

"I am so grateful this service exists! Top quality service in every area and a pleasure to deal with!"

- Debbie Joseph, CA. Facebook review 6/2/2014

"They were great. Debbie helped me out so much I recommend them to everyone with this dreadful problem"

- Jennifer Dodson, Los Angeles, CA. Facebook review 12/15/14

"I had the pleasure of using tiny locks this weekend when I found out my daughter had lice. I called and they sent Debbie to my house and she was aN absolute delight. Not only was she incredibly helpful in teaching me how to make sure my daughter never gets lice again she made it simple and comfortable to learn . Normally my daughter has an extremely sensitive head but Debbie was so gentle my daughter didn't cry once. I would highly recommend them to everyone who has to get rid of lice !!!"

- S.C., CA. Yelp review 1/11/15

"OMG! Alisha to the rescue!! Tiny locks were amazing. The woman I spoke with over the phone (Kim) made it feel like I was talking with a close girlfriend about my lice issue. I was able to easily get a same day appt with no additional charge. Alisha was my clinician, and she was so nice and sweet. She put my daughter and I at total ease. Thank god I called Tiny Locks. They made it all better!"

- Erin T., Huntington Beach, CA. Yelp review 4/24/15

"My 13 yr old daughter and I discovered she had lice this morning when there was a parasite on our bathroom counter after she combed her hair.. I took a picture of it, then enlarged it, then googled it and it was indeed a louse (adult lice) YUK. I sent her to school, then did 2 hours of research on the web and after reviewing various companies in the area along with their yelp reviews, decided on Tiny Locks to help us. I called and Kim answered the phone, and said Alicia would come to the house right after my daughter got out of school. Alicia was personable, knowledgeable, thorough, and educated us on every angle of how this happened or could have happened. My daughter was embarrassed of course, but Alicia was super sweet, soft spoken, and I knew it was the best decision to have someone like her come to the house rather than try to tackle this on my own. In the end it was a bit pricey, but Alicia walked us through all options in a professional manner. In my opinion you cannot put a price tag on the piece of mind she offered to nip these nasty nits in the bud! Oh, and she was willing to have my daughters' friends come over to be checked while she was working on my daughter, and she checked my husband and I while she was there (thankfully we were in the clear) - she was AWESOME. p.s. Schools in this area do not alert parents unless there are several cases of lice reported, but yes they will be informed as well as the parents."

- J.K. Torrance, CA. Yelp review 4/30/15

"Amazing service! Alicia is super knowledgeable and sweet; she reassured us that everything would be a-okay!! Highly recommended!!!"

- T.K. Los Angeles, CA. Yelp review 7/12/15

"I cannot stress enough--if your family has head lice this is the BEST MONEY YOU WILL EVER SPEND. I had panic bubbling just beneath the surface for the 24 hours following the call from my daughter's daycare telling me they found lice on her scalp and I needed to come get her. I have a phobia of tons of little bugs like this and I almost passed out when I saw them crawling all over my baby's head. I went to the store and bought the most promising looking chemical shampoo and used it, washed and sprayed everything in the home, even made a holistic hair mask for the two of us to sleep in over night... The next day I was having the carpets cleaned and combing through my daughters hair saw the remaining eggs--no bugs anymore but SO many eggs! Look the truth is--the only way you'll be able to get rid of these f$&@ers is if you physically remove every last egg sack from the head. Those joke shampoo and comb sets you get from the store may kill the adults, but they will never get them all out. You need a pro to just come and get them out for you. And get you the legit metal comb that actually removes the eggs that the bugs literally GLUE to the hair shaft. So Nallely gets here and immediately the panic subsides. She was amazing, very professional, at my door within an hour of calling the number and worked quickly and efficiently. She answered all of my questions and did a very careful, thorough job. My 2 year old sat for her with no problem. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Seriously soooooo worth the money. My friend said his kids had lice for over a month while they struggled with over the counter and prescription treatments--do yourself a favor and skip all that, just get it done and over with and call these guys.."

- Natalie K., Santa Ana, CA. Yelp review 7/25/15

"great service and quick. the technician came that day and did all my kids and husband. They were everywhere! It was so worth the price because of the amount of work and advise you receive."

- Isabell C., Los Angeles, CA. Yelp review 10/21/15

"Could not be happier. I was shocked to have lice as an adult. I tried to get all the nits out myself but couldn't. My old husband doesn't have the eyesight to help much. I freaked. I called and said I need someone here asap and Elena was here in an hour. She was prompt and delightful. My scalp feels wonderful. Crisis averted. Thank you , thank you Kim, Elena and Tiny locks"

- Suzy L., Los Angeles, CA. Yelp review 11/10/15

"Melissa came and saved the day today! I HIGHLY recommend Tiny Locks. Do not try this yourself with the drugstore kits--the lice are resistant to the chemicals and you're wasting your time. Same day service is the best."

- Shana N., Villa Park, CA. Yelp review 12/1/15

"As many parent know lice is a shocking and for me as a mom of a 3 year old coming into contact with it for the first time a bit scary. Tiny locks made me feel comfortable, safe and well educated. Nallely was amazing! She's friendly,caring and did everything to make my daughter feel at ease. With one treatment she was itch free and most importantly lice free. I would highly recommend this service. You have the convince of being in your own home and choosing the arrival time. It's simply the best thing you can do in a situation where your child or yourself gets head lice."

- Rebecca N., Paramount, CA. Yelp review 12/8/15

"First time dealing with lice was a bit of a shock. Melissa came over the same day we found it and was amazing! Super nice with both my girls and made them feel so comfortable. She head checked the whole family and completely cleared both my daughter's hair. She also helped me learn how to better avoid my kids getting it again. Since the process does take awhile, doing the lice removal at home was great for the kids. Thank you Melissa!!!"

- Shawna G., Fountain Valley, CA. Yelp review 12/13/15

"These guys are the best. No one wants to get lice or news of live but the Tiny Locks folks come to you & take care of the job quickly and in a friendly manner. Ask for Alicia!"

- Steve L., Los Angeles, CA. Yelp review 2/21/16

"I want to second a review I read just before writing this- this is absolutely the BEST MONEY YOU WILL EVER SPEND! Tiny Locks literally saved me from another 4 1/2 hours of standing over my niece running a worthless comb through her hair. I feel like I tried every over the counter product and prescription shampoo but i just couldn't get rid of the lice! So I finally gave up, I found Tiny Locks on Yelp and gave them a call. Much to my surprise they were able to send someone out that same night. About an hour and a half later, our superhero arrived! Melissa was FANTASTIC! She was extremely professional and so great with my niece! We talked the entire time and she remained attentive to what she was doing. This woman really knew what she was doing. She went through my nieces hair 3 times in all different directions. To include, sitting down and practically going piece by piece at the end to make sure nothing was missed! I could go on, about this company and Melissa, but to sum it up- stop wasting your time and money on OTC treatments, prescriptions and home remedies- CALL TINY LOCKS!!!!!"

- Catie S., Anaheim, CA. Yelp review 3/13/16

"Claudia showed up promptly to our home after we found white flakes on my daughter's head. We were shocked to find out it was live, but thank god Tiny Locks came to the rescue within a few hours of making the call! Claudia was thorough, patient and kind. It certainly took awhile but I'd rather she get everything out so we don't have to deal with this again! She explained everything as she went and showed me how to look for those buggers in the future. They have great products too (we bought some mint spray and the lice comb). Thank you Tiny Locks!"

- Reese W., Sherman Oaks, CA. Yelp review 4/11/16

"We were on a family vacation and discovered our daughter had lice. I was panicked since we have 4 children. Within an hour we had Mihaela at our hotel room at 8:30pm. She combed through my hair, my husbands and my other 3 children. Then she thoroughly combed through my daughters hair. She got rid of her lice and no one else got it. She saved our vacation and we were able to enjoy our time stress free. I highly recommend this company. Mihaela was amazing! She was professional, kind and reassuring. Thank you!"

- Mindi N., Alamo, CA. Yelp review 5/18/16

"Tiny Locks is a great service. They were quick to the rescue and was helpful and courteous. I was able to have someone come out to the house in about an hour. We were assigned Mihaela and she was awesome. She's very friendly and good with kids. She has a trained eye and full of information. She did a thorough job and I felt confident in her work. I would definitely recommend."

- Kathy K., Ladera Ranch, CA. Yelp review 5/20/16

"Your daughter has lice..." not a fun phone call to get from school. :( I called Tiny Locks and Kim answered right away and had Mihaela come to our house within a couple of hours. Mihaela was our super hero that day! She treated the whole family and taught me how do follow up care so the lice wouldn't come back. She is so kind and sweet. My kids loved her! This service is expensive but worth every penny. You don't want to mess around with lice."

- J. G Aliso Viejo, CA. Yelp review 5/19/16

"I flew into town and got a text my whole family up North had lice. I couldn't believe it and immediately searched for mobile lice companies. Tiny Locks popped up. From the very start I new I was in good hands. Kim picked up the phone at 730pm at nite and I had Elena at my door the next day at 1pm sharp. The service, the responsiveness, the fact that they come straight to you and the all natural products - I cannot say enough about this service. Oh, and the price is right!"

- Rosita T., San Franscisco CA. Yelp review 7/21/16

"Kim & Liberty are sanity savers!!! I had been battling the little lice buggers for over a month. No matter how much I shampooed & combed my girls heads they kept coming back. The mini-monsters even jumped head & infected my niece. I finally gave in and called the professionals for help. Kim was very upbeat and professional over the phone, was able to get my family in at the best time for us. Kim is the boss and she has a few girls working for her that will come to your home - which is great for convenience & privacy. I got lucky and was able to be a training case for Liberty so I went to Kim's home which was located very close to me - she was AMAZING!!! My mom took my two girls (4 & 6) and Liberty was patient & thorough. My oldest has super thick hair of medium length and she was our carrier monkey so had a lot of nits and bugs - Liberty got EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! When Kim went thu to double check she didn't find one left. My mom has the same hair as my oldest and said that Liberty was great. My youngest has very thin blond hair & Liberty was gentle but still got all the lil buggers out. The whole thing took about 2 hours & Kim was there to supervise, offer tips and do a final check. I arrived after class & Liberty was still there so she did my head too - I have very long fine blond hair which tangles ridiculously easy when it's wet. Liberty had a great technique and hardly got any snarles & never hurt my head. I only had a few nits which she got and when Kim did the final comb thru there were none left. During the whole time Kim & Liberty chatted with me much in the was of a really good salon & offered many tips for dealing with then preventing re-infestation. She asked me what I had been doing & advised me where I had gone wrong - RIT lice shampoo does NOT work...the little buggers are growing resistant to it. Combing is the only thing that really works and you need to have a good lice comb. Kim has one which I believe is included in her fee (which is very reasonable considering she is saving your sanity). Kim & Liberty were great & the information shared is invaluable. I am so happy that I finally went with a professional and actually slept w/ out feeling all itchy"

- Cassi F., Torrance CA. Yelp review 8/12/16

"An absolute lifesaver if you need *same day* peace of mind. The whole experience was simply perfect starting with communication with Kim, to having Amazing Abby at our house the same day! Amazing Abby explained everything about lice, the removal process, how to prevent future infestations and was generally incredible. THANK YOU TINYLOCKS and AMAZING ABBY for everything :) Peace of mind restored!"

- Lindsey R., Laguna Niguel CA. Yelp review 8/30/16

"Tiny Locks is wonderful. I was at the end of my rope because my son's lice came back and I just didn't know what to do; that's when I decided to seek professional help. I had heard there were people who specialized in lice removal so I decided to look into it. First off, I was amazed that they would come at almost any time, day or night, and when read about their services, I really liked their philosophy and no chemicals approach. They called me back immediately and I was instantly reassured. They came the next day, then came back for a follow up as well. Kim dealt with the removal and showed us how to properly deal with the problem ourselves. She also gave us a lot of information as well as tips about how to keep lice away. We are eternally grateful and all is harmonious again. I can't thank them enough. If you ever have to deal with this, seriously, call them. We only wish we had know about them sooner. It was worth EVERY PENNY!"

- Janice P., Long Beach CA. Yelp review 11/1/16

"I called last night in a panic at 8:30PM , because my 10 year old had lice. The owner was very nice and understanding she had set a appointment with a technician for the next morning, at 8:30. The specialist was there early which I appreciated and Nallely was so nice and reassuring! She so made my daughter at ease. She also checked me as well. She knows her stuff!! I would recommend Tiny Locks to anyone and everyone that has to unfortunately be a victim off these nasty little creatures!!!!! Nallely thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!! Lisa and Savanah (daughter)"

- Lisa B., Fountain Valley CA. Yelp review 11/16/16

"My 7 year old daughter had lice for the first time last week and I freaked out. Melissa was such a comfort to my husband and I. We called her in the morning and she was at our house quickly after. She answered all our questions. My daughter felt very comfortable with her and was excited that she was also doing our follow-up appointment. It was pricy but worth every penny and then some. I hope I never need to call for help again but if I do, Melissa will be our immediate go to."

- Amber C., Santa Ana CA. Yelp review 12/3/16

"My kids got Lice from Pacific preschool and since the school hasn't told us from previous cases that finally were reported from other parents to us, It manifested to our whole family ! Never been exposed to lice before and didn't know how to look for them. Luckily I found Tiny Locks . The company sent us help right away to our home. Mihaela was sent to us. Mihaela is so pleasant, sweet, friendly and fantastic with her treatment!! I truly recommend her. She treated us perfectly that the day after none of us had even one lice left when we checked. She put me at ease right away by educating me on signs, what to look for..... I also purchased the products that were great and smelled great as well! We also had a one week follow up check and we're all clear. I truly recommend Tiny Locks and Mihaela ! Thank you !"

- Nina B., Ladera Ranch CA. Yelp review 8/4/17

"After an extremely traumatic experience at Little Stars Hair Salon 4 Kids in Sherman Oaks, I desperately called Kim at Tiny Locks after finding them on Google. Kim immediately sent Desiree to my home. Desiree was extremely reassuring, thorough, and knowledgeable. After their services, Kim continued to care for my son and I and went above and beyond in her customer service, knowledge, and level of expertise. Kim really cares about her clients and that says it all. Thank you again Kim for all you did for us through our crazy lice scare."

- Adella J. Valley Village CA. Yelp review 1/3/17

"I called and spoke with Kim and by that evening Lisa was at my house. She was very informative and did great with my daughter. She instructed me to keep combing for 7 days after the visit and reassured me that everything would be okay. I can't say enough great things about Lisa and our experience with Tiny Locks."

- Cindy J., Harbor City CA. Yelp review 2/12/17

"Leticia and Andrea were amazing. I called Tiny Locks on Saturday night and had a very educational, informative discussion with Kim. At 8 am on Sunday, Leticia and Andrea came to our home. Gratefully this was a false alarm. But they still checked each member of our family meticulously, educated us on lice presentation and removal and even put up with our excessively friendly dog! I hope we never have another lice scare but if we ever do, Tiny Locks will be the first call I make!!!"

- Lisa Y., Manhattan NY. Yelp review 2/26/17

"Super fast return call and sent someone the very next day. Letty was sweet to my sons and just calming which is great! She came back for the re-check and was super flexible with scheduling. Highly recommend, pricing seems in line with other companies."

- Khaki D., Costa Mesa, CA. Yelp review 3/19/17

"I found the lice in my daughter's hair at 5:30pm on a Sunday night. I called Tiny Locks and spoke with Kim and by 6:30pm Andrea - my lice picker - was at our house. She was amazing! Great at her job and also kind and easy to talk to and be around. She made the whole business of lice somewhat pleasant. I love meeting new people like Andrea and sharing stories of motherhood and work. She is passionate about and really good at what she does. All the lice were removed (from 3 heads including mine :( ) by 10pm. The recheck was quick and painless too. I highly recommend Tiny Locks! Ask for Andrea if you can!"

- Justine O., Venice, CA Yelp review 4/5/17