How We Work

After your first appointment we expect that you will be 100% eradicated of live lice and approximately 98% - 100% eradicated of nits. However, due to the unpredictability of head lice removal, we highly recommend a follow-up "lice check" appointment within 5-7 days to ensure that there is no lice left behind, and that you are completely eradicated of the infestation. After your first appointment, our clinicians will provide you with a homecare regime to follow after your initial appointment and, if followed, you will see successful results at your follow-up visit.

The follow-up visit is a recommendation, not mandatory. However, in order to qualify for Our Guarantee, as explained below, we require that you have a follow-up lice check appointment within 5-7 days after the initial appointment. Our process requires that families and clinicians work together as a team in order to obtain a successful outcome in the removal, treatment, and prevention of lice infestation. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

Our Guarantee

All family members must be screened upon the initial visit. Those found to be infested with head lice will then be treated and a follow-up lice check appointment will take place within 5-7 days of this initial appointment to ensure that all signs of infestation are gone. In between these appointments, Tiny Locks™ requests that you follow a simple regimen at home. Provided that all of these practices are followed, we guarantee that you will be 100% eradicated. If you are found to be clear of head lice at the follow-up appointment by one of our clinicians yet lice or nits are found within 14 days from that follow-up appointment, we will honor our guarantee. However, if lice and/or nits are found at the time of the follow-up lice check appointment, we will recommend an additional follow-up lice check within 5-7 days, then will honor our guarantee up to 14 days from the time of that appointment if found to be free and clear of head lice.